CHANNEL KNIFE Destanee Hunsucker | Foods 11-Enterprise | Aylward-4th block

The Channel Knife was used to skin the lemon and add to the rim of the martini for decoration. The lemon peel was also used to add a fresh and tart taste, which balanced the overwhelming flavor of lavender, which was also used in this recipe for this specific martini.

For this garnish dish, the Channel Knife was used to peel the skin of a Watermelon, so that it would resemble a turtle's shell. This made the watermelon balls (made with a melon baller) and the left over of the watermelon skin more appealing to the customers/guest.

Better picture of the Watermelon turtle, garnished with a Channel Knife.

For this specific lemon cut, the Channel Knife was used to cut grooves in the lemon to create a flower garnish. This recipe included shrimp and other ingredients, in which the shrimp was baked on top of the lemon. This lemon garnish made the dish more appealing.

The Channel Knife was used to peel the skin of an orange and a lemon, to create appealing heart garnishes. These can be used to place on the rim of a drink, to add to a plate for decoration, or to use on a fruit tray to make it more appealing.

A channel knife is simple. They are used mainly for cutting strips of citrus fruit skin to use for cocktail garnishes.Channel knives can also be used for other decorative work, like cutting strips in cucumbers or carrots before slicing to create design, such as a flower shape.

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