Penguins By:sophie

What am I?

I slip and slide on the ice. I am a bird that cannot flyI swim instead, and I can dive very deep! Can you guess who I am?That’s right I I’m a Penguin!

I’m going fishing!

Penguins eat fish, shrimp and squid. Penguins do not eat big animals. They do not eat anything on land. Penguins need to watch out for predators too or else they will be dinner themselves. Sea lions eat penguins and seagulls eat baby penguins. So that’s why the baby penguins get in big groups called creches. A creche is a small small small colony of baby penguins. Adult Penguins that do not have chicks guard the chicks when the parent penguins are gone looking for food in the ocean.

I’m going sledding! I’m going sledding! Penguins slide on ice so they can dive deep underwater. This helps them to get food easier for the baby penguins and for themselves.Fun fact: Emperor penguins can hold their breath over 20 min.

I want to sing!

Penguins sing love songs to their mate, so the male penguins can find the mate in a colony of several thousand penguins. Male penguins fight over nesting areas.The mating season is in the summer. Fun fact:A love song is not a love song it is a call that the penguins call to their mate .

I do not live in the north pole

Penguins do not live in the north pole because polar bears live there. They live in the south pole.Some penguins live in Africa!And you probably just thought they lived in Antarctica.Well now you know!

Quiz Yeah are you happy I am so happy That you can do a quiz about penguins! Question: What do you call when baby penguins are in a big group when their parents are gone hunting in the ocean?Answer:Creches

Question: Do penguins live in the north pole or south pole?Answer: South pole

Question:Do penguins eat big animals or small animals?Answer:They only eat small animals like fish and shrimp And Squid.

i believe i can fly!


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