But First.... VYNL's NorCal Coffee Guide.

Coffee. It's not just important, it's almost not a ride without it. If you ever find yourself in the Bay Area, you've got some primo caffeine fix locales to sort through. Fortunately, we've put together a list of our favorites, along with a perfect loop to go with your perfect Americano. Because as we all know, riding your bike is awesome, but first...

East Bay: Blue Bottle on Broadway

Blue Bottle might be spreading across the country, but the company originated in Oakland, CA. With that in mind, you probably shouldn't pass through without checking out their amazingly beautiful location at the W.C Morse building. Originally the Bay Area's first ever truck showroom (yes, that's a thing), Blue Bottle features the best iced almond milk latte you'll ever have in your life, and the avocado toast is not to be missed.

It also happens to be the best starting location for a classic Pinehurst Loop. Starting with a climb up Tunnel Road, you'll get your fill of both ups and downs on this route - it also has redwood trees, because Oakland is the only city in the US with these majestic M-Fers within the city limits.

See the full route here.

Blue Bottle also repairs all of its equipment at this location.

The flower arrangements are lit. For real.

San Francisco: Rapha Clubhouse

For a great launch point across the bridge, or for rides that stay in the city limits, you can't beat both the coffee and the people at the Rapha San Francisco Clubhouse. The baristas not only shred during their off hours, they have also all been trained by Four Barrel Coffee, and serve the same beans at their cafe. Need a pre-ride donut? You're covered by Dynamo, even those of you who need to go vegan.

Join one of their weekly group rides, or if not, a can't-go-wrong roll is Hawk Hill. This route has you crossing over the Golden Gate and up to some of the most view-candy worthy sights the city has to offer. Plus, dirt.

See the full route here.

One stop San Fran coffee ride shop.

Where the coffee is as dialed as the apparel.

SANTA cruz: Verve coffee in Seabright

Ok, so Santa Cruz is a bit out of the way, but it definitely has one of the best coffee companies in the country: Verve Coffee Roasters. Plus, it has (hands down) the best riding, both mountain and road. So you should go.

The location in Seabright is where the roasting magic happens, and it's a perfect spot for a large group gathering in the gorgeous Cali sunshine. The combo to get: a double Gibralter + a Mary's Caramel Pretzel cookie. We recommend getting it to go, or be prepared to share - it's about as big as your head.

There are too many rad routes to count from this location. So we'll take you on a leg busting Santa Cruz Ramble. Finish at the Westside Verve and you'll be set for an epic ride book-ended by epic coffee.

See the full route here.

Bikes, dogs, people - the Seabright Verve is always a hub for Santa Cruz people watching.

This is a Mary's cookie. We weren't kidding.

Keep exploring...

Already been to the coffee stops we've got listed here? No worries. Try Equator in Mill Valley, The Barlow in Sebastopol, or Cibo in Sausalito for some North Bay options.

Can't make it to the Bay Area? No problem. Here are some of our favorite beans you can buy online and get shipped right to your door.

Four Barrel Coffee - Rwanda Gitega Hills

Blue Bottle - Giant Steps

Cat and Cloud Coffee - The Truth

Equator Coffee - Kenya Windrush Estate

Verve Coffee - The 1950 Blend

High Note Coffee Co. - Brazil Cerrado Mineiro

Happy But First-ing...

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