WHat is love? By: Nealie Norris

"Love is a smoke raised with the fumes of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes; Being vexed a sea nourish'd with loving tears: What is it else? a madness most discreet. A choking gall, and a preserving sweet." ~Romeo

Definitions of Love:

1. an intense feeling of deep affection (noun) - "babies fill parents with intense feelings of love"

2. a person or thing that one loves (noun) -"she was the love of his life"

Passion / Haste

Passion: a strong and barely controllable emotion

Romeo and Juliet reflect many different ways that make their characters seem real to us. They show us two young people who fall in love with each other the very first time that they meet. So the question is: How is passion connected to Romeo and Juliet? The play had involved many things that can happen in real life with young lovers today. In Romeo and Juliet the passion that we see is unmistakable and uncontrollable Romeo's first feelings towards Juliet is from the first time he laid eyes on her which is also known to be his first reaction towards her. When Juliet also meets Romeo for the first time she too falls instantly in love with him. The love that these two lovers have for one another causes them to decide to get married, they went too fast in deciding this decision but the feelings that they had for one another led them to get wedded quickly so they can be together "forever".

Real Life

I like to connect the haste that Juliet and Romeo have for one another to something more personal then what is found on the internet. The feeling of passion, is something that you feel for someone and it is an amazing feeling. You feel light and content and happy. So, how does this connect with Romeo and Juliet? Well, when you feel passionate for someone, you most likely are feeling the following:

  • feel good when good things happen
  • you feel open and comfortable to talk about things with your significant other
  • when things go badly, you want to make things right between each other
  • you want a 'forever' with one another and you make plans for the future
  • you know everything about your significant other and they know everything about them too
  • you consider them your best friend
  • you would do anything for them

Romeo and Juliet are very much similar to relationships that happen now a days (not the marriage and killing and brawls), but the passion that they felt for one another can really happen to people, there is more to

Haste: excessive speed or urgency of movement or action; hurry

In the story of Romeo and Juliet, there is haste that is being taken place. For example, Romeo and Juliet move very quickly for just meeting each other. All taken place in about a week, they meet each other, they instantly fall in love and then the next day they decide to get married to each other. Also, their romance didn't last very long because by the end of the week, they are both dead. They moved very quickly into marriage and even Juliet had said that their love was moving quickly, but they vowed that they loved each other dearly and so they got married without even taking time to know one another.

Real Life

Meet Miranda Dillion, she was living in America (originally from Britian) and was feeling homesick and became tired of meeting regular American men so she added herself to n online dating website (iloveyouraccent.com) and that is when she seen a profile picture of her, now, husband, she instantly fell in love with him (love at first sight - connection with Romeo and Juliet). They decided to meet, Greg (her husband) had to go off to a meeting and when he came back they told each other that they were crazy in love with one another and ten days later they got married.

Romantic Love: relative term, but generally accepted as a definition that distinguishes moments and situations within intimate relationships to an individual as contributing to a significant relationship connection. The addition of drama to relationships of close, deep, and strong love.
Romeo and Juliet's love story is known to be one of the most tradgic love stories ever, but they are also insantly in love with each other. They had very strong feelings and chemistry between one another. The love they had for each other was instant from the start and we all could feel the love that they shared just by the way the expressed their feelings to each other. They had a "stong" love and because of that they knew they couldn't live without each other which lead to their tragic deaths.

Real Life

Huda walked into a shop in her village and that is when she met Arafat (from a poorer family then from what she was from). Arafat had went to her father to ask for his daughters hand in marriage but he was turned down because she was to be married to another man that her family had set up for her (arranged marriage). Huda didn't want to marry him she was in love with Arafat and therefore "she would not let another mans hands touch her" other than his. Huda left home and crossed the border as a worker. She had gotten arrested for charges of illegal immigration. Huda's family argues that Arafat used something on Huda to make her fall in love with him which lead to him getting arrested for helping Huda. These two loved each other so much that they would risk their lives (risk of being arrested) to be with one another. Connection to Romeo and Juliet, they both died for one another. Huda and Arafat's love story is connected to Romeo and Juliet, except a more modern day version.

Love at first sight: on first seeing or meeting someone

As everyone knows by now, Romeo and Juliet basically "made" love at first sight. The night of the ball Romeo caught a glimpse of Juliet standing across the room and he just instantly fell in love with her. However, he didn't fall in love with her exactly, no, he fell in love with what he seen. As the night progresses, Romeo and Juliet start to talk to one another and they both start falling deeper in love with each other.

Real Life

Morgan was fifteen when she met her husband, although she didn't know it at the time. He was waiter at a resturant that she was at in the summer. They both linked eyes, and then they decided to meet up at the movies afterwards and she talked about how he kissed her for the first time and she mentioned how it wasn't just a summer fling because fifteen years later they have been married for seven years, and they have three children. She says every time she catches a glimpse/kisses him she still gets butterflies in her stomach.

"Being in love with someone doesn't mean you have to be lovers. Sometimes you just have to be friends."

Loyalty to Friends and Family

Loyalty: a strong feeling of support or allegiance

Loyalty is shown in Romeo and Juliet by Romeo's friend; Benvoilio. Benvoilo cares for Romeo's feelings and doesn't want him to get hurt or heartbroken. Benvoilio is honest and just wants Romeo to be happy. Throughout the story, he looks for Romeo's best interest by telling him that he should go to the ball because their is going to be many women there for him so he can finally get over Rosaline. In my opinion, if it weren't for Benvoilio trying to convince Romeo to go to the ball then Romeo may not have met Juliet (the love of his life). Benvoilo is a great best-friend to Romeo and he shows a huge amount of loyalty to both Romeo and everyone else (ie. when Romeo accidently killed Tybalt, instead of lying and trying to cover for Romeo, he spoke of the truth and it just really showed me how loyal he is.

Real Life

This is another personal connection to my life. I have always considered me as a bubble when it comes to having friends. I talk to everyone in every "group" at school and I get along with majority of them. Throughout my last year in grade nine, I finally got to realize who my real friends were, and to be honest it was no one that I talked to in public school, I had just met them in my second semester. I have two friends who I consider loyal. I think when you are picking friends you need to know that they are going to be there for you when things go bad, you can depend on them for anything, and when things go bad you know they will be by your side no matter what. I believe all those things I mentioned really represent what loyalty in friends in families should be like, I love my friends they are always there to make me laugh or smile when I am down and I think that is what its all about. Every group of friends should have a Benvoilio amoung them.


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