Taking Care of Dogs Taking Care of dogs is hard

good food

dogs need food that keeps them healthy and strong Crunchy dried dog food is best fore their teeth canned food is juicy and tasty

good helth

they need grooming to keep their fur clean.They need shots to keep them from getting sick


dogs trust their owners to keep safe. fences in yards help keep dogs out of danger.


dogs need to learn good manners. dogs need to what they should and should not do.

lots of love

dogs get lonely being by them selves. They want to be apart of the group.


just like kids dogs like to play. keeps dogs playing keeps dogs happy and healthy dogs like chasing and catching balls

fun facts

some dogs can reach speeds over more than 40 miles 64 kilometers an hour. dogs have a much better sense of smell than people. dogs have very good hearing

tanking care of dogs is hard but in return it can be your friend.


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