Statement by Jefferson Hope

I Jefferson Hope, confess that I have killed Enoch Drebber of Salt Lake City, Utah.

It all happened about twenty- one years ago. I was driving some cattle from the Nevada mountains to Salt Lake City. And out of no where a girl popped out of the heard, she was in trouble. I only turned by head for a second and she was there all of a sudden. She was in this beautiful dress, the colors, the dress was light blue. And her hair wa- anyway I helped her out. Her name was Lucy Ferrier and she lived on the mormon compound down in Salt Lake City. That place is huge, and serious too. Anyways, she was perfect, they called her the flower of Utah, and she was mine... for a while. Those Jesus-folk didn't like the idea of us together, they wanted to marry her off the Drebber of Stagerson. But they wouldn't have treated her right you see? They already had wives, they wouldn't have cared for her like I did, they wouldn't have loved her.

One of Johns only sketches. Subject: Lucy Ferrier

First chance I got I took her and her father away, we got into the mountains. We were going to Carson city, and I thought we were safe, but long story short, I lost her. They took her, the moment I left they took her and shot her father! They went and married her off to Drebber and she..she died. Just like that. It was right, none of it. She was too good for this, all of this. This world turned against her, it was all wrong. Everything.

I went to the funeral, I-I-I wasn't invited but I went. Sh-she was so pale and fale. And that where I got the ring, I took it.

Hope attended the Funeral, however he left before any alarm could be called.

After that I only had one thought on my mind. It was those two that killed her, they were the ones who ruined everything. Every chance I got, I was there will a gun in my hand and a clear shot. It wasn't until I got to Europe that was close. While they were here, in London, I was a driver, for some extra funds. The two thought they could hide from me, the stupid Drebber got drunk one night-scratch that, he was drunk almost every night. One day the two missed a train, and for some reason Drebber left Stagerson. It was great though, he was making it so easy. I think he knew too. He knew he was going to die in London. So I picked him up in my cab, after he had been in the pub. I took him to that house, id made a copy of the house key a couple days before, just by coincidence. He was so out of it, he didn't even realize it was me. Only until I lit the candle in the house did he get really scared. I accused him of everything he did, he was such a coward. He didn't deserve Lucy, he didn't deserve anything! I showed him the pills, one poison, the other was harmless. I told him God would decide, not likely. What God would kill a mild and beautiful flower?

And as you have seen he chose wrong. God chose right, leaving me with the justice I desired and deserved. Now I can go to sleep and not see an innocent corpse! Now I can have a decent life and move on, if that wasn't a just cause I don't know what it. So tell me detective , what are my chances of getting out of here?

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