Important Discovery Made By Local Student by viCTORIA WEN, SCIENCE REPORTER

Unionville,Markham-Two female high school students in Chemistry class found a new substance named HZN. Two girls named Catherine and Cathy,at Unionville High School found the material after they study the new type of antibiotics. This antibiotics can resist a powerful virus, hsu-78-, but people can not take excessive of it. Overdose can cause side effects.

Side effects are dizziness,vomiting, blurred vision.

Chemical material.Use of these chemicals to find new substances

Two young girls know as the youngest biologist,found that this material so that their life can be added as an honor.

We interviewed one of the girls Cathy. I asked a question about how to find this substance,

Cathy said :"At that time, as usual is a biology class, the science teacher let us find the material. We found a bacteria from a very strange phenomenon, the two bacteria met with one of them disappeared, so we know that another bacteria is An antibiotic. "

In this interview, we learned that the importance of this material, it can resist a lot of bacteria, can become a new drug in medicine, so get the city's biologists attention.

The discovery of new substances

We interviewed two students' science teachers Mr.sun.After the two students have discovered the new substance, what is your reaction?

Mr.Sun said:"Two students experience through their own learning found a new material. I think it is incredible, but also proud of them, I also know the two students study hard."


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