communication methods in 'The Apprentice'

Good examples


This is a good example of verbal because you can see everyone is focused and listening and taking notes of what the workers are saying. In this photo you can tell who is focused and interested as they are showing with their body language that they understand what is going on.


This is a good example of visual because she looks very friendly to the customer and is letting him feel the fruit and won't judge him if he says no to the melons. This is quite bad as well because she is not wearing clothes that make her look professional. she is using facial expressions which makes her seem like she's happy and confident that they will sell and make money.


This is a good example of written because they are taking notes and have a good body language which shows they are listening well and are interested with what the man is saying. This makes the man working there seem like they really want to start business with his company which is a good first impression.

Bad examples


This is a bad example of verbal because his facial expression looks stressed from the redness on his face and looks angry at his team mates. This shows he is not good with team work and is a bossy game player.


This is a bad example of visual communication because there isn't a lot of detail on the leaflet and the photo of the women is pointless to have on the leaflet. This shows they need to improve on their designing skills.


this is a bad example of written because she is in a meeting and has her head on the desk when she should be taking notes and showing that she is listening and looks interested. Also it shows she is bored in the meeting and doesn't really care about what the boss has to say. this can also show she is stressed and doesn't care about showing it to the boss.

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