Terraria The Last Prism is the best weapon!

What is the best weapon in Terraria. Normally people would answer the Meowmere, but stats aren't everything. To me the Last Prism takes the number one spot for best weapon in Terraria. The Last Prism does 100 damage to 600 damage per hit and it is a very fast weapon that is a continuous beam that beats everything up. The process to obtain it and use it is much easier than other weapons in end game hard mode.

The Last Prism

The Last Prism has a base damage of 100 for each beam, there are six beams so this compare to the Meowmere it does 428 more damage. The Meowmere has the highest damage for any weapon without any buffs and yet the Last Prism does 3.49 times as much damage. Put the damage three times per second and this is 1800 damage per second. Smashing the damage per second of the Meowmere. The beam lost as long as you have mana so that could be a whole lot of destruction.

The Last Prism has a continuous beam of "life form disintegrating rainbow" Terraria game developers quote. As soon as the Last Prism is beam starts it almost instantaneously disintegrates the enemy or multiple enemies because it reaches until it hits a wall. The beam lasts until you run out of mana. There is one problem with the Last Prism; that it uses 10 mana per attack. This use up mana super quickly, this factor can be easily countered with a mana flower and some mana potions (which you can get from the wizard). These items are easy to obtain it in endgame hard mode as well as the Last Prism.

The Last Prism is one of the easiest end game hard mode weapons to obtain and use. It can be put into many different builds, has a 1/9 drop rate from the Moon Lord. I have tested this theory and I got 3/9 drops, therefore it has one of the highest end game hard mode drop rates. To use the weapon is even easier, simply hold and point, the Last Prism's damage is so high that you don't need to do this for very long. The Last Prism goes into many builds; summoner, mage, mana hulk, attack and boss fighter.

It is clear that the Last Prism is the best weapon in Terraria. The Last Prism does the most damage, it can do damage for a long time and very quickly and it is a very versatile weapon that is easier to get and easier to use. These points prove that the Last Prism is the best weapon in Terraria. The next time the question comes up "what is the best weapon in Terraria?" you should answer the Last Prism. If you don't believe me then you should try out the Last Prism for yourself and then you'll see what I mean.

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