North Africa By Liam m, Ryan l, and nick p

Each country world-wide has their own geography and history. So come explore North Africa with us.

Northern Africa, also known as Saharan Desert Region, has an absolute location of 23.4162 N, and 25.6628 E. The relative location would be south of Europe, north of the Atlantic ocean, and east of South America. North Africas population is around 192,000,000.

There are 7 major places in North Africa: Western Sahara, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, and Tunisia

Northern Africa is known as the Saharan Desert. The Saharan Desert is the third largest Desert behind Antartica and the Arctic, but it is the largest sand desert.

The big movement that happened in Northern Africa was the Islam people moving to into Northern Africa across the Mediterranean Sea. The arrival of Islam brought goods things, such as writing, and new techniques of weighting.

There is a lot of human/environment interaction. One scenario is the Saharan Desert is growing bigger because of the high need for water. The need for water is because of the high amount of farming. They need a lot of water, which causes not enough for the region. The region dries out and causes the desert to grow.

Here is some popular Music in North Africa.

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