My life by calder m

I grew up on a farm in a small town called marshall in Wi.Out here there was not a lot of people and very quite most of the time which was great.I had lots of friends and but going to school was never that great.And it never changed even though I moved schools I still didn't like it that much. And I still have a lot of friends at my new school in oregon wi.

Something else that I really like to do in marshall was play sports.The sports I played there were football baseball and basketball.And now that I go to oregon my sports career has launched and I am playing a lot of new sports.When I moved in sixth grade I was playing football and baseball.But now im in seventh grade and I played basketball football lacrosse and rugby but I think that I am done playing baseball because lacrosse and rugby are at the same time and I wouldn't have to to put in baseball.

Another thing that I like to do for fun is show pigs competitively.I don't know what but there is something that sparks in me about showing pigs.And it is so easy once you have had a lot of practice.All showing pigs is is walking your pig with a whip just to guide him or her and then judges judge you on how you pig walks and how well you walk it.My sister also shows pigs with me.

Something else that I really like to do for fun is biking.And time that is posible for me to go biking I will.Me and my grandparents always go on the weekends when it is nice outside and we will go to madison and ride on the trails and go through madison for the day usually riding about 20 miles in totall.

The last important thing to now about me is that I love farming.Pretty much all the time I am farming and or out on my farm.Even on the weekends I am helping at my dads friends farm with his kids.Its a lot of hard work but when you get done and passed the hard work then you feel a sense of accomplishment and that's what I love.And i also love taking care of animals.

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