Next Year's Yearbook By Sabrina Patao and Andrew Lai

We liked this theme of wired for the yearbook. It would be original to our school. The color scheme could be very mellow, so a lot of blues and greens would be involved. To wire means to transport information/memories, and so that is why I think it would be a good theme for next year's yearbook. It will be Omega's way of transporting the memories from that year. As seen in this cover, the titles of every page can have a "wire" that goes across the page to add texture to the yearbook. The fonts would more likely be thin and taller fonts to look like a wire.
This would be a cool theme for the yearbook next year. I think the theme of "as it unfolds" would be unique to LCHS. This theme can also add a lot of depth to the yearbook because the theme can be taken in so many directions. It can add depth in the sense of imagery, such as this cover, or it can add depth through stories "as they unfold." There could be any color scheme for this theme and so many approaches to it can be done. This theme could have many different fonts to show that there is a uniqueness to everybody and no one is the same. Layering different fonts and sizes, as seen in the cover, makes the yearbook look interesting and intriguing.

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