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So I included what looks like a lot of random shit in my fancy little photo collage down here. However, I really tried to think of how to represent what I'd taken from the readings, and the class lectures. Overall, since last week was about rhetoric, this week was more about how to apply it. How to write successfully, with Envision Ch 4 being especially about research papers. I took several things from this chapter, however some were hard to put down to physically see. Instead, I took the basic things that need to be considered when writing. Though they might seem redundant, I feel people often forget to think about one or two of these things when composing an argument, or an essay in general, thus there work lacks impact and importance. Firstly, claim (the mining claim) is essential to be examined. If the claim is not clear to the writer, how can it be clear to the reader?! Context is huge because they way the claims are presented can broadcast EXTREMELY different messages if they are not conveyed in the correct format. Along with that, genre helps convey that message the proper way the author plans. Strategy (the map) takes both context and genre, and applies them. It determines how the message will be conveyed, so it will have the desired effect. This in turn, effects the audience, and their reaction. Without the proper context, and even genre, an audience can fail to be reached, proving the essay, argument etc. pointless. All of these points of writing intertwine into the creation of a work. I chose the picture of Frankenstein to represent this for two reasons; firstly, one of our readings described the creation of the Frankenstein, and how Mary Shelley came about with her ageless story. Secondly, the picture is a metaphorical representation of creation in general, such as essays, and how without the other mentioned parts(context, strategy, etc) a creation can fail to come about at all. Medusa is included, because she is the monster I have chosen to research, and she is a great example of how all of these different aspects can effect the final reaction. In mythology, the context and strategy of her creation presented her as almost a demon to the audience at that time. Now, she is not portrayed nearly as evil, such as in the Percy Jackson movies, because the context, genre and audience have been changed.

Context -

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