The One And Only Ivan Book Report By: lilLy

The One And Only Ivan is a roller coaster of excitement. This book is written by Katherine Applegate. This book is filled with exhilarating events that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The main characters in the story are Stella, Ruby, Mack, Ivan, Bob, Julia, and George. This book is a Fiction book. It is Fiction, because it has animals talking and things that cannot happen in real life. This book was written in 2015.

The problem in the story is that Ivan realizes he has been living a life in captivity. Then a little elephant named Ruby comes to the mall. Stella the other elephant feels the need to take care of Ruby. Stella's foot has been hurting her and later she dies. Her one wish is that Ruby's life doesn't end up like Stella's.

Ivan tries very hard to get them a better life at the zoo. He uses his drawings to tell Julia they aren't happy. She gets the message and puts the picture on the billboard. Mack gets mad then he gets more publicity so he was happy. But then when the news came he was caught. They saw the sharp sticks that he hits them with. A guy comes to check out the place and he wants to relocate the animals. Ivan and ruby go and live at the zoo. They are finally happy.

I enjoyed this book, it was so fun to read. My favorite part was at the end when they were all happy. I would recommend this book if you like animals. This book is 10/10 go read this book now.

This is the cover of it.
This is Katherine Applegate.
This is baby Ivan.
This is Bob.
This is Julia drawing.

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