The Elements of Spark Page A visual reference

A visual reference of the essential Adobe Spark Page tools for creativity… a work in progress

Note: Use this guide as you work on your own Spark Page

Theme Options

  • When you are authoring your Spark Page you have a choice of Themes.
  • Themes provide pre designed styles for text and colors.
  • You can change these anytime to find the best themes for your presentation.
  • You can find these by clicking or tapping in the upper right corner of your screen.

Spark insert options

Split Layout

Split Layout is a great way to add a photo, Text, a button, or a video in a two column format to support a picture in the other column

Picture Options

Images can be inserted into Page projects in a number of ways


This is an inline photo
This is the photo set to fill screen
This is window mode

Full Width Picture

This is full width

Text Options

H1 Text

H2 Text

Pull Quote Text
  • Bulleted
  • Text
  1. numbered
  2. Text

Bold Text

Italics text


A button can be used to create a link to another web page in a new tab

Inline Link

first highlight your text and then select the paper click in the hover menu

You can add an inline hyperlink by selecting the text for the link and choosing the paper clip in the pop up choices

Photo Grid

Photo Grids allow you to add a number of photos to a collage. When the user clicks on one, it opens up in a new window at its full rendered size.

Tip - If you want to show detail in an image that is art of a photo grid, capture it at a large size (1280 px or so) so that the user can appreciate the detail.

Click a photo below to view and manage full screen

Click on an image to open in full screen. When done, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the to return to the presentation

Glide Shows

Glide Shows can include Text, images, links, and more

Text in a glideshow


Be Careful! - If you add a group of background photos to your Glide Show and want to replace one you can BUT you cant delete just one - you gotta delete 'em all - yikes!

Adding video from the web is easy. Just copy the web address or embed code and paste it into you Page link

You can also add shared Spark Video Projects on your Spark Page - Just paste the shared link in your Spark Page

Created By
Steve Adler


Created with images by Alex Perez - "Find the time." • rudresh_calls - "bell tower" • rudresh_calls - "bell tower" • Lee Edwin Coursey - "Rabbit on the Path" • rudresh_calls - "bell tower" • rudresh_calls - "bell tower" • Barni1 - "church chapel iceland" • moonlightbulb - "Swing in the snow" • rudresh_calls - "UNC Chapel Hill Davis Library" • Lee Edwin Coursey - "Flowers at the Coker Arboretum" • TranceMist - "Chapel Hill 17" • Suzie T - "Poppy Field" • tpsdave - "governor's mansion raleigh north carolina" • Suzie T - "Truck with serious white wall tires." • NCDOTcommunications - "Downtown Raleigh at night - January 2012" • justindoub - "NC State Fair" • alex_ford - "The Fried Dough Shop" • twbuckner - "Bikes for commuting"

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