Food? not without a farmer...

500 Million Small Farmers

40% of world’s population income relies on agriculture

Supply 80% Of Food In Developing Countries


50% Of Crop Value “Vanishes“ Between Harvest And Sale


Small Farmers Need Help To Be Successful

“Co-operatives are unparalleled in their ability to uplift the socio-economic conditions of small farmers and their entire local communities.”

But There Are Serious Challenges...

  • Transparency - Both farmers and Co-ops lack access to transaction records, market and price information.
  • Efficiency - Paper-based systems are labor intensive, error prone and difficult for locals to understand.
  • Audit - No audit trail enables corruption and graft.
  • Trust - Lack of trust between co-op staff and farmers.
  • Information - Sharing of information and pooling of transport could greatly reduce distribution inefficiency.
blockchain on mobile application

The Idea

create framework of trust

work on cheap smart phones

blockchain - incorruptible truth

build the world’s largest network of small farmers & co-operatives


  • Equality for Women and Minorities
  • Empower Small Farmers
  • Enable Insurance and Loans
  • Provide Digital Identity
  • Increase Farmer Income
  • Basic Mobile Finance
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Access to New Products and Services
  • A Better Life for Families and Local Community
blockchain for the greater good

Financial Inclusion for Every Small Farmer

Created By
Daniel Botha



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