Por Ti Storyboard

Julio is looking out on horizon thinking of this father
Flashback - Julio is playing with his father
Flashback - Young Julio is holding his father's necklace, crosscut with older Julio doing the same thing
Rosi greets Julio
Julio and Rosi driving through Miami
Julio unpacking and rearranging room
Julio places photo on his dad on the side table
Pedro watches Rosi and Julio pull up
Julio is washing dishes/touching his necklace
Establishing shot of Lauren leaving the gym
Pedro spots Lauren outside the shop
Lauren orders coffee?
Julio sees Lauren
Pedro teaches Julio to tell "NICE TITS" to Lauren
Julio practices "NICE TITS" in the mirror
Julio tells Lauren "NICE TITS" and Pedro watches
Julio leaves coffee shop to walk around Little Havana
Julio spots Lauren taking photos
Julio hides between two rocks and watches Lauren
Julio tries to walk up to Lauren but she leaves in her car
Julio goes to bed
Julio dreams of Lauren
Lauren is ordering coffee and appears sick

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