Tattoos on the heart By:Hailee Bakhit

Compassion: When I first think of compassion I would just think of it as having sympathy for others. But, this chapter shows me there's much more. In this chapter, Father G says compassion is God and he is right. This chapter shows me how important it is to live out compassion to better our lives and others. The story that spoke to me the most in this chapter was when Betitio was unfortunately killed. Though this story was sad, it showed courage. The best thing to do in a situation like that is to show compassion for both sides. Yes, it's hard to do, but showing compassion is one step closer to God.

Slow Work: This is one of my favorite chapters because it shows how we need to keep our faith in God. This chapter shows so many obstacles that got worked out or are still getting worked out by the help of God. God's work is slow but full of love and will always help us in the end if we let him. The title slow work also shows how no matter how slow we are with letting God in, God will wait for us. One story that spoke to me was the one involving Grumpy. At first, he was so against getting all his tattoos removed. But, as time went on he got them removed. This story shows how God is willing to wait for us no matter how long it takes.

Jurisdiction: I love this chapter because it shows how accepted we are in the eyes of God. We are all under God's jurisdiction and we should work to be like him and let others be a part of our Jurisdiction. Letting others be a part of our jurisdiction could help a person in a greater way. For example, the story with Richie and Chepe. They went to a restaurant with Father G and felt so un accepted until the waitress came along. This waitress let Richie and Chepe in her jurisdiction. She was working in the way God would and made Richie and Chepe feel like accepted.

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