Business Development Services

The Olympus Companies are a grouping of pertinent financial services organizations that provide support direct to financial advisors. We are an insurance platform, marketing agency and business development engine for financial professionals across the country. We focus on providing services to financial advisors within independent broker dealers and RIAs that have a desire to operate above the average advisor and take their practice to the next level.

Financial advisors that are thinking of making a broker dealer or RIA move in the near future can benefit from the expertise, experience and technology provided by The Olympus Companies. Our proprietary broker dealer and RIA grading tool provides pertinent data on various characteristics of each major independent broker dealer and RIA in the industry today. Our process involves getting to know you, your business and where you want to take your practice moving forward. The results of our research and knowledge will help you as an independent business owner, make the right decision for growth and success for your business.

Transitions are a major endeavor. If you’re one of the many financial advisors out there servicing 100 clients or more, your need for transition support is vital in your search for the right broker dealer or RIA partner. Olympus works with all the elite broker dealers and RIAs across the country to help you get connected to the right advisor network for you and your business.

You are an independent financial advisor.

This is your road.

You are the expert.

Take your expertise and enthusiasm for helping individuals and businesses grow and prosper to the next great broker dealer for you.

We’ve done the research.

We’ve made the connections. Olympus has the expertise to help you make the best decision for you and your business.

Ask about our proprietary Broker Dealer grading system.

Don’t make a move without doing the research.

Who has the best platform?
Who has the best service offering?
Who will help me transition successfully?
Who has the best pricing?
Who will be the best fit for my business?

The data shows that each advisor has a complicated list of variables to contend with when choosing the best broker dealer or RIA to affiliate with. The best broker dealer on paper may not necessarily be the best fit for you and your business. We do the research and the work to aid in the decision making process to help you make the best decision for your professional future.

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