Woody's Tavern is a fully immersive American style dive bar, wearing its hard luck proudly and featuring an array of colourful characters propping the bar up and sharing their stories and bizarre past with anyone within earshot. During the daytime play on the pool table which is in utter, but still technically playable state of disrepair, enjoy the feat of completing board games with most pieces missing, sip on frozen margaritas and fight with the broken jukebox which plays whatever it wants. In the evening the space comes alive with live bands and DJ’s set behind a chicken wire cage.

Woody’s Tavern brings you the very best of a true American staple, the much loved for the strangest of reasons… The Dive Bar.

Our team is a collaboration between Creative Brain who have run multiple projects and immersive venues both on the festival circuit including Starf*ckerz (fake VIP bar) and Masks and Basques (immersive masquerade burlesque ball) with Woody's, both an events bar company and owner of 2 bespoke and creative independent bars in South West London.

The bar is a fully immersive venue filled with interactive games and props, comedic and intricate design, a wealth of character actors bringing the space to life and a full programme of DJs and live music.

Patrons enter the venue through a classic unassuming brick and frosted window façade, with broken neon signs cluttering the entrance. Inside the venue is a wealth of the best dive bar features: Barely playable pool table, dart board with no darts, beer on tap (sold out) at a bar clad with shotgun shells, bottle tops, Christmas lights and ancient lingerie. Guests can enjoy a jukebox with a mind of it’s own, ripped vinyl booth seating, signed pictures of all the famous (ish) people that have frequented the tavern, interactive gumball and cigarette machines, toilet marked off with police hazard tape with suitably hilarious explicit stick symbols depicting men and women, polaroid picture boards which guests can add to and the classic window looking out onto a brick wall…

Throughout the day guests can take part in a variety of dance classes, barter for beer by performing a slot on the open mic stage, enjoy pop up performances by our cheerleaders, cowboys and footballers, take part in hip-hop karaoke and interact with our human jukebox.

In the evening the bar really comes to life with a host of live bands and DJs performing behind a chicken wire cage with dancing and high jinx until the early hours!

At any point in the evening guests may find themselves talking to our insane array of regulars both inside the bar and on their way in or out. Every walk of life is drawn to a dive bar with one thing in common… they’ve all got a story to tell. Guests can while away the hours finding out about the extravagant pasts of our variety of characters including the prom queen fallout, the neck tattooed, cockeyed regular, the gun totting hick, the ex-sailor/pilot/nuclear weapons worker, the country music fan cowboy, the rock ‘n’ roll dive bar queen, the tattooist, the Ramones mega fan, the cheerleaders, the NFL footballers and the guy with the epic taxidermy collection…

The bar sells 2 drinks – cans of beer or Frozen Margaritas. Want something else? Go elsewhere.


Simon Adrians Photograpy

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