Florida Museum of Natural History Huyen truong

Nature on Display

What I found very interesting were the jaws of the animals on display in the marine life exhibit. It caught my attention because it put into perspective how small human beings are compared to other species on Earth. In science textbooks, animals’ sizes are compared to other familiar objects to help us visualize the size. However, reading about animals in a textbook and being able to see life-size models are completely different. In the exhibit, I stood next to life-sized jaws and it was amazing to see how much bigger it was than me. These animals have the power to cause a lot of harm and destruction, yet human beings have caused the most destruction on Earth. We are so small but we have reshaped our Earth to whatever fit us best. Realizing this at the museum was amazing to me.

Nature and Ethics

Being at the Natural History Museum made me realize that us human beings are one with nature. We are so distracted by technology and our inventions that we forget to look at the world around us. In the museum, I read a quote on a plaque before going to see the butterflies: "All nature wears one universal grin." After reading this, I was able to the realistic setting of a butterfly’s habitat. I noticed everybody was careful not to disturb the butterflies. I think this is because everyone was feeling the sense of oneness with nature like me and didn't want to harm nature. For a few minutes, everybody was able to forget the technological world, experience the life of a butterfly and feel the significance of these small, delicate creatures. My experience here gave me a deeper appreciation for the natural world. I think human beings should treat our world just like all the visitors treated the butterflies.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I believe as human beings, we need to take a break from school and work to appreciate the world around us. Students are often so consumed by the work we have to do so visiting the Natural History Museum was a very unique and relaxing school assignment for me. As a biology major, there is only so much I can learn about life and nature. It was especially meaningful for me to take a break from studying about plants and animals, and actually being able to see this with my own eyes. It was a different kind of learning that I can’t get from just reading. I think the Natural History helps us understand that the world around us is so large compared to us, and that we need to respect our divine Earth even if we don't know all the rules and laws that govern it yet.

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