Descriptive writing 1

My name is Daniel Nguyen Tieu. I am 13 years old. I live with my mum and uncle. I was born on the 28th January 2004 at Middlemore hospital. Most of my time I go to schools like Kumon, Chinese, and martial arts school nd when I don't have anything to do I go on my iPad.

I come from New Zealand but my culture is Vietnamese. Almost every people I know is from Vietnam. I have never seen or been in Vietnam before but I am planing to. My mum came to New Zealand because she wanted a better life and my dad is in Australia.

In my spare time, I do my homework, watch videos or anime on my Ipad. Most of my time is an extra school like Kumon, martial arts, Chinese and high school. In 1 week I have about 47 hours of spare time and 121 hours of school time.

My current school is Papatoetoe High school. The logo is a person holding a torch and under it says "Digne Lampada Tradas" which means "Be Worthy To Hold The Torch". Our school motto is Be respectful, Be responsible, Be a learner. My primary school was Baverstock Oaks school, my intermediate is Papatoetoe intermediate and my current is Papatoetoe High school.

When I grow up I want to be a police officer because I want to help people and enforce the law. Another job I would like to have is to be a builder because building and creating things is fun to me. Another job I like to have is a chief because I like to cook food and I'm in food tech too.

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