Reform Movements Makayla Adams & lauryn Johnson period 7

The foundations to reform are for a few main reasons such as health care laws, better education systems, women's rights,temprence in United States and ablotion. The second great awakening was sweeping across conutry at the time all of this was trying to be accomplished. Laws where set in place to try to start some of these things if they disobey there where major problems.

An abolitionist is a person who adrocated or supported the abolition of slavery in US. An example of an abolitionist is Sojoinet Truth, she was a civil rights activist and women's rights activist and she was best known for her speech "Aint I a women."Abolitist wanted to harm people and society. At the end it put the end to slavery.

Women's rights was most common thing faught got in 19th century. They were fighting for women to vote,hold office,access to higher education & to be included into professional occupation such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth C. Stanton stood for women's rights. The rights the women wanted got added to the constitution in 1919.

Prison reform is the attempt to improve conditions inside prosions . Central arguments to promote the ablility to stay alive inside of prisons. They also wanted to establish more of a effective penal system. They had been publicly humiliated in these prisons and that needed to be stopped.

The temprance reform was criticized the excessive alcohol consumption. They where trying to get laws to pass more laws on alcohol. They where even trying to get it prohibited.

The education reform laws where trying to better our education system. They are continually trying to to focus on inputs and outputs example student achievement. They tried to make schooling into a market this continually makes the ecomoc reform differ.

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