Amboseli The end

Maasai.. where we were headed.
And on our way to the village we got stuck in the mud... very stuck. There were probably ten men who came to the rescue. It took quite a while for them to agree on the best way to get the vehicle moving again. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
I assume these are dung beetles but I've never seen them this iridescent green.
Quite a ball of dung!
This man is over seven feet tall. He's also their medicine man if I remember correctly.
Dark skin and bright light are a challenge for me to photograph.
So beautiful!
Making fire... which they do every day.
You can see it to smoke.
These mud huts are built by the women.
A walk to their school. It serves children from the surrounding area besides their own.
The elder of this village . I forget how old he is but it's somewhere around one hundred
With Benson, who's pretty much the go to guy for this village.
He had a lot to say! Benson interpreted.
I am sure you recognize this, Mt Kilimanjaro!
Mini kili....
Dick Berry standing at the top of this hill. You can see 360 degrees.
Setting sun..

Now it's back to DSWT and the destination is Voi. So we leave Amboseli and head to Tsavo.

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Nancy Lewis

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