Richard Patrick (Filter), Creator: 17 Custom-created Patches

Allen Epley, Creator: 20 Custom-created Patches

6 x Zoom Patches featuring this month's new Stompboxes and Amp + Cab

4 x Stompboxes

1 x Amp + Cabinet Combo

To download new Stompboxes and Amp + Cabinet combination, simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on the pedal, and open the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Download and install the new, custom-created patches with the links below or on


Multi-platinum industrial alternative group Filter just realized their seventh studio album Crazy Eyes. Led by frontman Richard Patrick, Filter has celebrated two platinum albums (Short Bus and Title of Record) and over 10 million streams. Patrick has a long history in the music world collaborating across the rock, industrial and electronic genres with musicians including Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Robert and Dean Deleo (Stone Temple Pilots), Ray Luzier (Korn), Josh Freese (Devo), John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie), The Crystal Method, in addition to acting as a touring guitarist for Nine Inch Nails. Patrick self-produced Filter’s latest Crazy Eyes.

After programming patches for the G5n, I'm obsessed to see what the kiddies think. I love noise. I love being able to make music relying on equipment. People who say you should be able to play everything on an acoustic guitar—that's bulls*t. I want more tech, more choas.
Filter's latest album, "Crazy Eyes" is available now.


  • SHORTBS - This is pretty much the famous guitar sound from the first Filter record "Short Bus".
  • SWELL S - String and pad sounds come easy without a pick to interfere.
  • DOSE - Guitar sounds from the Filter song known as "Dose".
  • BREATH - Ambient creations will flow through this sound.
  • PLUME - Guitar patches from the Filter song "Plume".
  • ON KEEF - The old man from the 70's had some iconic sounds. Here's my take.
  • ON EDGE - Some Irish inspired sounds. Get your Strat out.
  • DEEP ;( - Drop the strings down and play through the sound of DEEP.
  • 12 LOVE - When you need it lush and sparkly.
  • ULTRA PAD - Gorgeous pad sounds for the ambient love.
  • MARXMAN - If you need to pour gas on fire? Try it.
  • BAKER - One strum and it chimes a bright light for a bar or 4.
  • 1FINGER - Harmonize without the other dude.
  • WHISPER - It creates a rhythm all its own. Super fun movie score stuff.
  • 70'S FZ - Get your indie on with some fuzz love and sizzle.
  • ALTEENS - Very contemporary tele sound thingy.
  • CRUNCHY - Everybody loves a good crunch!

Check out samples of Richard's custom patches for May 2016 in the video above.


Allen Epley is the singer/guitarist and creative force for his current band The Life and Times as well as his former band Shiner. And between both bands, he has published well over 100 songs.

Trained as a singer with a BA in music from William Jewell College in Kansas City MO, Allen formed Shiner in 1992 and released four critically well-received records and a live EP over the course of a decade before disbanding in early 2003.

The Life and Times began even before the dissolution of Shiner, writing more than 40 songs in a short six month period. Their first EP was released in 2004 and they have has since put out four full-length records. They've toured the US, Europe, and Japan many times with bands such as Murder By Death, Pelican, Mono, Russian Circles, Boris, Sparta, The Appleseed Cast, This Will Destroy You, and many more.

Photo by Krystal Mitchell

Allen has composed music for short films, commercials, and short documentary films for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. The Life and Times' music has appeared in several online ads including a Richard Dawkins ad, and Shiner’s “The Egg” was used in a Jeep Wrangler commercial in Mexico in 2014.

Allen is married with two children and currently lives in Evanston, IL where he is a member of the Chicago BlueManGroup as a bassist and Chapman stick player.

"I like the G5n for a lot of reasons. I like the fact that it allows me access to so many types of pedals, amps, and cabinets without having to buy it all. All the settings and parameters of each of the pedals are easy to manipulate, are effective, and they respond appropriately. When you turn up the drive, it drives just right. When you turn it down, it allows room for other things."

Photo by Krystal Mitchell

"The pedal chain is consistent with a live pedal chain…when you change the order of it, it will alter how the pedals react to each other. I like its volume swell features…all of the rotary and phasing, flanging features, and the fact that it can do loops, which we use a lot of. It is a very versatile pedal and very sturdy, too. I really like it."

Photo by Krystal Mitchell


  • Edgier - Delay with a long feedback, drive and room verb gives a nice open well supported early ’80's vibe.
  • Sigh Bridge - Volume pedal before long plate verb and drive through FD TwinR and BGN 4x12 gives long verb tail, Vibe pedal adds haunting early ‘70s vibe.
  • BritTrem1 - EP Stomp and a touch of Room before the UK30A+UK2x12 gives a nice British bite with rhythmic Trem.
  • Bubbles - SweetDrv feeds the SeqFLTR inherent rhythm, Analog Delay works with SeqFLRT rhythmically, Xtacy Blue drives a big mid range with a soft MK3 1x12 finish, adding color and character to headlines.
  • Regal Lead - Chrome wah finds a nice focused mid range to exploit with a little help from the TS Drive, Delay and HPS for key correct harmonies into UK30A+UK2x12 to honor that lead tone.
  • CloudCity - Tape Echo and HD Hall Reverb work together for surreal sweeping sounds and MonoPitch at -5 adds heft, note and a slight Asian feel through BG MK3.
  • SlappyDays - Sweet Drv + EP Stomp + Delay through FD TwinR+FD2x12 gives a nice slapback feel for a retro style of rock. good for chordal or lead parts.
  • Guitarmony - Rack Comp gives immediacy to the TS Drive and TapeEcho for an old school tone, while Tremolo gives texture and HPS harmonizes in whatever key desired, rocking through UK30A+UK2x12 with crispy crunch.
  • LoopSwell - Volume pedal +RC BOOSTat the top so the decay from the Hall and Analog Delay will create seamless swell loops with the looper pedal into UK30A+UK2x12 that can be haunting, heavy, orchestral.
  • RipReverse - ZNR +Metal WRLDt+ DYN DRIVE dovetail perfectly to create metal meanness. the SlowATTCK adds an adjustable reverse effect for solo lead lines or chords, feeds into MS800+MS4x12.
  • Ogre Tone - Octave pedal and Vintage FLNGR feed the DynDrive to create deep, low, gnarly lead lines and Tape Echo adds sheen to create a surreal tone through MS800+BGN4x12.
  • NuCure1 - Detune adds chorus effect with comp adding clarity before the Delay and BG MK3+MK3 1x12 bring into an early '80s ringing quality that would make any Goth proud.
  • EmptyClub - EP Stomp and RedCrunch (off/on) add tone and drive, respectively, to the Tape Echo and Room reverbs into FD TwinR+FD2x12 giving the impression of standing an empty club warming up before soundcheck.
  • PitchyProg - PDL Drive adds variable swell possibilities into EP Stomp and when it hits the PitchSHFT in FDTwinR+BGN4x12 it adds a surreal harmony effect in the style of Fripp.
  • PhaseFaces - TS Drive pushes tone through VinFLNGR and Phaser for old school phaser effect. Delay gives length and UK30A+UK2x12 adds bright grit and tone.
  • WamBurner - MetalWRLD and EP Stomp combine forces for meat and driven tone to fuel the PDL MnPIT for whammy effects with Mod Delay at the end of the pedal chain into FDTwinR+UK2x12 for added effect.
  • TxtBkRock - TS drive is the fuel in front of the St GT GEQ and natural Room verb. A/B switch on St GT GEQ toggles between straight rock and ultra hi passed nasal tone for a unique lead through classic MS 800+MX4x12.
  • BlueKeys - Sweet Drv and St GT GEQ combine with heavy depth Tremolo into FDTwinR+FD2x12 for a new retro blues tone.
  • VenusBells - The Vibe SeqFLTR, Analog Dly, RingMod and HD Hall +UK30A create an astral bell choir. best with single notes.
  • 8MilesHigh - Acoustic Sim and Mono Pitch work as a 12 string guitar, esp for single picked notes. Comp, Delay and Hall give clear beautiful sound with nice ambience through UK30A+UK2x12.

Check out samples of Allen's custom patches for May 2016 in the video above.


  • SummerHW - The crunch sound uses HW100 to evoke Summertime Blues as played by The Who.
  • DreamBox - This patch uses HG THRTTL for a smooth high-gain sound in the style of Dream Theater's John Petrucci.
  • NV Clone - This uses CloneCho to create a sound based on the solo in Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  • Random LP - A combination of RndmFLTR and NYC MUFF creates this complex sound. Use it with a looper to layer solo playing.
  • Psych Pan- The panning effect used in psychedelic rock is re-created with AutoPan.
  • SummerHW (Direct for Recording) - This crunch sound tailored for recording uses HW100 to evoke Summertime Blues as played by The Who.


New Stompboxes available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on the pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • RndmFLTR - This filter effect changes character randomly.
  • HG THRTTL - This models the sound of the Mesa Boogie THROTTLE BOX (GAIN SWITCH:HI / BOOST:ON).
  • AutoPan - This effect moves the sound image cyclically left and right.
  • CloneCho - This analog chorus sound models the Electro-Harmonix SmallClone.


New HW 100 Amp + HW4x12 Cabinet available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on your pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • HW 100 Amp - This models the sound of the Hiwatt Custom 100.
  • HW4x12 Cabinet - This models the sound of a Hiwatt SE-4123 cabinet with four 12" Fane speakers.
We hope you love the new May 2016 additions to your G5n; there are plenty more on the way every month. Visit to share your feedback, or sign up for notifications regarding new monthly content for your G5n, like next month's patches created by Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins) and Andrew Elstner (Torche, Riddle of Steel)!

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