Good Life Nature Activity At FLMNH Amanda Nuccitelli

Nature on Display

The Tropical Rain Forrest was by far my favorite exhibit. It felt as if i was actually in a tropical rain forrest. I loved how the butterflies just would fly by you or even land on you. I found this exhibit appealing due to the fact that there were colorful plants and trees all around me. I also loved the running water, it added a soothing sound to the scenery. I didn't realize that birds were going to be part of the exhibit and really enjoyed seeing all the different types of birds. The exhibit captured my attention because the idea of getting to experience a tropical rain forrest was very exciting, considering I've never seen one. The fresh air, the sounds of birds chirping and running water. It felt as if I was on a tropical island. The exhibit allowed me to see how all different species of butterfly's interact with each other. I noticed that sometimes a small group of butterflies in the same species would fly around as if they were playing with each other. I also got to witness the interaction of different bird species in such an enclosed area. I got to experience behaviors no book could show me. What I found most enjoyable was the way the exhibit made me feel. I felt relaxed and so happy that there were hundreds of butterflies surrounding me. I forgot I was even there for school!

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature in the ways Leopold recommends. In the South Florida People and Environment exhibit it showed me what the times like these were like. This exhibit really showed me how to love and appreciate the land by showing me how South Florida People lived during these times. The simplest thing like feeding a family. How someone had to go out make a tool to fish and then actually catch a fish or a shark. This show me the simplicity of life at that time. No technology just the people and the land they lived on. As I walked through this part of the museum it really made me feel like I was there with those people. It showed all different aspects of life at the time. Another thing I noticed was the hunts they lived in for shelter made out of wood and tree branches they found from near by. The exhibit also showed me the types of clothing people wore in those times. I noticed most people just walked past this exhibit due to the fact that all you could do was look at it and there were no live animals in the exhibit. The older people found it interesting but the younger kids liked the frog and butterfly exhibits better. In that time there were so many more trees and wildlife compared to now a days. It makes me feel like I should help push to limit the amount of industrialization knocking down all these beautiful bits of land.

Nature and The Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helped me step out of my normal life with the display of the extinct Mammoth skeleton. The museum allowed me to recognize in my daily life the mystery and majesty of the Universe like Heschel believes. Mammoths are extinct and people never got a chance to see what they look like or even how big they are. By the museum displaying a huge skeleton it gives the viewers insight to how big they used to be. The informative signs in front of the skeleton lets people know what Mammoths used to eat and how their teeth used to look. The mystery of things that no longer exist intrigues a lot of people. One of the signs even explains how Mammoths became extinct in the first place. This helps people better understand who we are by seeing that these creatures roamed the same place we live today and that one day we could be in a museum on display. It shows people that nothing last forever and that species are becoming extinct every hundreds of years. Making people better understand and appreciate our lives and the universe more.

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