Looking at the meaning to the song Bring em' Home by Pete Seeger By Michael O'Hagan aka Mitch

Name of the artist? Pete Seeger

Name of the song? Bring 'em Home

When was it released? 1969

Other famous songs? If I had a Hammer, Where have all the Flowers Gone. and What did you Learn in School Today.

What dose the song mean? It is a anti-war song about bringing home the troops in Nam.

How dose the song reflect the time period? This song reflects the time period as many young Americans in the 1960s were protesting the Vietnam war and how the population (the protesters) was being censored.

What was happening in history when the song was released? When this song was released and became popular many of the shootings at the protests such as Kent state university where 4 people were killed and at Jackson state collage where 2 students were killed.

What was the inspiration of the song and the message of it? The song's inspiration comes from the Vietnam war and how it is useless to send more troops to Nam but to bring them home and have work in America were they can benefit us and so no more American lives are lost to wars we have no business with.

Evaluation: To sum it all up the song Bring em' Home is a good representation of the feeling towards war during the 60s and many young people frowned heavily on it. As the message it sends is that our troops should be resevered for our defense and a line form the song goes "If an army attacked this great nation of mine you would see in the firing line.".

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