Cause and Effect Exploration Nikki Hamrick, Mrs. Lyon, World History 3B, 17 March 2017

Cause 1: Europeans want to find a water route to Asia.

European Exploration has many different causes. However, the main cause was the Europeans trying to find a water route to Asia. But more than just the Europeans found this water route. The most popular of these explorers was Christopher Columbus even though he had failed his mission. He set off to find Asia but ended up finding the America's instead, which was unknown to the eastern countries. This made him famous around the world and interested many other young men in the world of exploration.

Cause 2: Curiosity About the World

In 1000 A.D. Vikings sailed to Greenland from the British Isles from which they established a colony, then moved onto Newfoundland where a colony named Vineland was established. From there, the Vikings sailed along the North American coast observing the native people. By that time, Vineland was completely abandoned by the Vikings.

Effect 1:

After finding the Americas, Columbus named islands in which he named Cuba and Hispaniola. He returned three more times after the damage to Santa Maria was done to explore both Central and South America. Though he did not find any treasures, he did find a "New World" the was non existent to the Europeans.

Effect 2:

The Viking's accomplishments became know to the other Europeans despite the fact of not returning to America. Europeans were fascinated by the stories of the "new world" discovered by the Vikings, but did not have the required resources for further the European exploration, but trade carried on for years after as it always had.

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