Harn Museum Experience by James monahan


On a fine day my friend Chris and I visited the exquisite Harn Art Museum. In this museum, we explored art collections from many different cultural backgrounds. We pondered about the uniqueness of the art techniques, designs of the different wings, core values of the works of art and how the art related to principles of the good life. Emilio Sanchez's art techniques used in his work, Little House by the Sea, drew our focus from rest of the art pieces. The Asian art wing expressed the Asian culture through fascinating structure and design. Agustin Cardena's sculpture emphasized the importance of the core value of Family. The Seated Bodhisattva reminded us of the good life as a quest to reach for enlightenment.

Art Techniques

The art piece that grabbed our attention with its unique techniques is the painting, Little House by the Sea, by Emilio Sanchez. In this paint patterns is used to provide the sense of structure like the structure of the house. Strong shadow and contrasting lighting made the painting look like a real 3D building. But the bold coloring in this painting made it easy to see it unrealistic as it has grabbed people's attention. Emilio Sanchez is known for the painting of architecture but this painting Little House by the Sea with mixed techniques has grabbed the attention of viewers as it stands out to be both realistic and unrealistic.

Little House by the Sea

Design of the Museum

Throughout the museum the lighting was very intense and enhanced the spacious . The Asian art wing was unlike the rest of the museum. The lighting in there was not intense as it was dependent on the nature lighting. Instead of the white walls and ceiling the Asian art wing is build with wood structure. Instead of looking perfectly clean with covering of whiteness the Asian art wing present more natural looking building. In this room the visitors could see nature of the outside and walk in the little bridge. The Asian art wing presented the Asian culture of peace and nature as it does not seek strong artificial lighting but rather depends on the nature lighting bring the sense of nature peace and quite.

The Asian art wing

Core Value of Art

Throughout the museum each work of art presented their own values and themes and to us. The art I could relate most to was the Agustin Cardenas' sculpture Family. In this sculpture it could be clearly seen there are two large people standing behind and surrounding a smaller person. With the name of the sculpture being Family, it could be easily understood as two parents caring for their child. Being a single child this remind me of my own family as my parents have watched over me as I grew up. This art piece helped reminding me to appreciate my parents as they have always cared for me. I think this sculpture express the core value of loving my family as it remind me to thank my own parents.

Art and the Good Life

As we went through the museum there is many art pieces retaining values related to religion and philosophy. An example of this was the Seated Bodhisattva. This work of art depicts the believe reaching the good life by reaching enlightenment. Through the reading in good life the Buddhist believe reaching enlightenment is reaching the good life as they will escape the circle of reincarnation. Life itself is sulfuring to reach happiness one must go through the journey of sulfuring. This art piece have reminded me the how the Buddha believe to reach the good life. Even though my ideal good life is not the same as the Buddhist believe I must go on my own journey to find my good life.

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