Hello I'm Alfred Augestoner and this is my story. It all started about two years ago, I was a stupid 16 year old boy who was always partying and getting in trouble. One night we had a state championship football game and won. All of my friends on the varsity football team were throwing a party at the captains house because his parents weren't home. So we decided to use his big bag of cocaine. I had never tried drugs before but everyone else was doing it and it look good. That's where my problems started, cocaine here, cocaine there, cocaine ever where.

I lived with my family in Denver and had no job. In order to feed my addiction I was stealing cash from my parents. My high school found out after one of the kids snitched and got us all in trouble. The school took legal action and I was put on probation but that didn't stop me. My family got real upset with me especially when they kept finding that their money disappeared. They didn't know at first so I just got grounded for stealing.

When my money source dried up I started selling cocaine to buy more. I started snorting cocaine on a daily basis, a snort in the morning, a snort at night. I was spending over a hundred dollars a week. Right behind my house there is this ally way and that's where I deal the drugs and where I use them.

It only took a day to get addicted and a day to feel the side effects. After the first snort I felt paranoid, everything and everyone was after me. I was sensitive to everything, my friends tried to whisper something to me and I thought they were screaming in my ear. My family started getting a suspicion when I got extremely happy and full of energy because I am always grumpy and upset. It didn't last long however. The longer I was abusing cocaine the more clear it was that i had an addiction. I started slipping into a crippling depression. I lost my sense of smell from the constant snorting. I became delirious over time and my friends told me to stop but I just couldn't.

My life changed from there on and not for the better. My depression got even worse after no one wanted to be my friend. I can't blame them, no one wants to be friends with a cocaine addict. I dropped out of school, quit the football team and refrained from any social activity other than making money. Using the drug was a violation of my probation and when I finally got caught I spent a year behind bars.

That is my story and don't make it yours. Cocaine is a very bad drug that is easy to get addicted to and throw your life away. It has many mental and psychological effects on the body. You could hallucinate, be violent, be irritable, paranoid, and easily panicked. You could develop depression and cocaine also changes the way nerve cells communicate. 15,000 people a year die from cocaine, don't become just another statistic. If you or another person is addicted to cocaine there is help in rehab centers around the world. Rehab changed my life and I have now been clean for half a year.


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