Exploring Nature A day at the Florida museum of natural history

This exhibit was my favorite part of the Florida Museum of Natural History because it allowed me to fully immerse myself in a realistic cave setting. Upon entering the cave, I could hear no noises and was immediately overcome by its beauty. The intricate details of the caves allowed me to fully experience the sensation of exploring a cave. Before this experience, I have read articles and textbook summaries about caves and their structures, but this experience allowed me to appreciate the intricacy and beauty of nature in its purest form. I believe that finding this retreat within the museum was what made it especially enjoyable, as much of the museum was inhabited by younger children and their families. The solace of the cave allowed me to truly reflect on and admire the beauty of the display.
Leopold calls on humans to "love, respect, and admire" the land. He believes that until we truly accomplish these things, conservation efforts will not be successful. The Florida Museum of Natural History allowed me to fully immerse myself into the land and experience nature in ways I have never before. Throughout the museum, I noticed myself growing in adoration towards nature and its grandeur as I studied shark jaws, indian tribes, and butterflies flying freely. The Natural History Museum allowed its visitors to fully immerse themselves in nature, as experienced in the butterfly rainforest, the cave, the "under the sea" room, and the tribal hut. They also allowed visitors to study, from a close distance, fossils of these creatures and the tribes. My visit to the museum inspired me to begin making my own positive impact on this earth. My experience at the museum inspired me to start making my own small, but positive, impact on the earth. Immediately after leaving the museum, I stopped at my local Walmart to pick up a recycling bin to use in my apartment.
This image is especially important to me, and emphasizes my personal connection with nature. When I saw this butterfly, it began circling my legs and my head, and I was overcome with the feeling that this butterfly possessed my grandfather's spirit. The connection that I gained with nature and my spirit within the Butterfly Rainforest is one that I will never doubt or forget. It undeniably emphasizes the power of nature and the connection it has with all human souls, living and deceased. My appreciation for nature has grown so much since this experience, as I now see it as a place to retreat away from the world, while still being in the company of those who love me. It allows me to form a connection with someone who I can not connect with in a "normal" way.

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