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A good citizen is a person who follow their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. Responsibilities can vary depending on came up with it. Many types of taxes like income tax and property tax is Responsibility of a country’s citizens. Owning licenses that are up to date and correct is a responsibility of a state citizen. Obeying signs is a huge responsibility of a city citizen. Respecting a dress code is sometimes a responsibility for work/school citizens. Cleaning your living space is a responsibility of a house citizen. Good citizens also respect other’s rights. Murder or robbery are outlawed because it breaks the self ownership right.

Essential question: How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable can effect some countries in a good way. Having a valuable resource means more money and more money means better health care. Life expectancy has gone up and infant mortality rates have gone done in countries with multiple oil reserves. More money also means a more developed countries. Many countries with high oil reserves have very developed regions because more money means more higher class citizens.


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