What should I get Mom this Mother’s Day? I got her a house coat, slippers and a new cardigan the last 3 years running… and I don’t think I’ve seen her wear any one of them. Admittedly, I am terrible at picking out clothes, and I struggle with what to get Mom every year. I used to buy her bath salts, and now she has a stockpile of bath bombs sufficient to invade a small country!


This year I have taken a novel approach. Instead of buying her something I think she wants, I am getting her something I know she needs… peace of mind. How can I do that you ask? Easy. If your mom is like mine (and whose isn’t?) she worries. She worries that this downturn in the economy is never going to end. She worries that my brother’s company is going to lay him off. She worries that I’m not busy enough with my clients at my new office. She worries about everyone so much and I know she worries about herself as well. After all, the cost of everything goes up while her and my dad’s pension are fixed. I know this worries her.

So this year, I am gifting her peace of mind. I am going to sit down with my Mom and discuss her financial and estate plan. I am not going to meddle – I’m not going to direct to whom she leaves her estate. Like most kids, I want my mom to enjoy the fruits of her labour and spend all her money on herself while she is alive. But, like most parents, I know she won’t.

Give your Mom the peace of mind she deserves.

As a lawyer working mainly in estate planning, I know the value in having a comprehensive financial and estate plan: a financial planner to assist with managing her investments; insurance to provide a replacement of lost income or to service debt, if my dad passes first; a Will to assist with as clean and fast an administration of dad’s estate as possible. Getting these matters looked after will give her the peace of mind she deserves… I know it. And who doesn’t want to give their mother that? Plus, maybe an extra bath bomb to add to her collection… it has become somewhat of a family tradition!

Elite Counsel and MLD Wealth Management join you in celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day. Give your mom the gift of peace of mind by clicking the links below to arrange a complimentary meeting with a member of our teams.

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