The Columbine Massacre Alekzandra Rodriguez and Luis Estrada

Shooters/Killers of the Columbine High School 1999
  • In 1996, Eric Harris made a private website on " American Online "
  • One of the reasons why they made the website was to make fun of people, and to give thoughts about their parents.
  • Beginning of 1997, the blog postings began to show signs of his anger through his posts. People saw the signs through them.
  • In March 1998, people started to show interest in his website and started to get concerned of the things they saw.
  • When they saw that he was posting threats, they started to take action but it was too late.
  • On April 20, 1999 the tragic shooting at Columbine High school took place at 11:19 to 12:08.
  • They killed 12 students and one teacher. They injured 21 people. After they killed those people they killed themselves as well.
  • In September 2001, all the evidence wasn't revealed from the Jefferson County Office.

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