When all was said and done, this portfolio did help me to become a better student by making me see problems in my thinking, time management, sleep, study habits, etc. This process began for me with an outline of when I planned on completing each of the exhibits by, as well as a general sense of excitement for a new semester and a fresh start. As expected, this enthusiasm dwindled as the semester went on, as more hurdles and setbacks came my way, but for the most part I was able to push through them. For my first exhibit, my mindset, I was specifically able to see ways in which my thought webs were hurting me, and the direction I should channel them in in order to be more productive. My second exhibit, time management, consisted of me making a lot of differently color coded calendars and planners, in which I discovered that a weekly plan does not work for me, and I need structure that still had some versatility. The self-study exhibit did not help me find new methods of studying, but it did force me to stay on track with my studying because I had an exhibit to make. My post-test analysis was helpful because I was able to talk to my professor about a specific problem that I was having, which I may never have gotten to his office hours to discuss. The exhibit which required a professor interview was ver beneficial to me as it made em more comfortable, and helped me get to know, a professor who will be playing a huge role in getting me to my dream career field. The values-based exhibit was interesting to me, though I did not learn much about myself from it. I did realize how difficult it is to choose a more important value, which I think will be a theme I face in my life when making difficult or very important decisions. Lastly were my two self designed, which I used to force myself to work out more and sleep, which were things I needed to do anyway but would definitely do if they were for a grade.

My advice for future students would to be to take this more seriously than you might at first. Not only is it going to be the easiest 60% of your grade assignment you will probably ever have, it can also be very helpful and actually pretty fun. I had a good time putting my portfolio together and choosing designs and pictures, as well as getting creative with making graphs and planners and daily schedules. It is also very helpful to meet with and talk to professors, which is advice that I would even give outside of this project scenario. Through this semester, as well as during the course of this project, I think I have developed a stronger sense of grit and work ethic, as I had to try very hard to make up for last semester's GPA catastrophe. All in all I feel that I am a much stronger, "grittier" student after completing this project, though partially because I happened to complete this project during a period of great growth in myself and my life. For me the most beneficial exhibits were the professor conference, the time managing one, and the mindset evaluation. Though some of the other ones were beneficial for short term goals, and I did not think I learned much from the value based session, although I did find it interesting.


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