google sheets vs exCel

what i learned on google sheets

  • you could organise, edit and analyse different types of information.
  • t's easy to create and edit not complicated like excel.
  • you could count any thing easily.
  • it save by itself so i can not lose it.
  • it work any where and on any laptop like, mac and windows.
  • can share it with my friends.
  • Could work onit with my friends on the same time.
  • Can access my files from my iPhone by downloading the google sheets app from the App Store.
internet safty

So basically phishing scams is an email that you get and it ask you for important information like, your full name, passwords, and ID numbers.

how to avoid the phishing?

  • Think before you click on any link.
  • Do not give your privet information to any web.
  • Do not reply immediately to the emails that you dot know.
You could go to your email and see which mails that looks strange for you and you could select them after that click on report spam.

Malware could be viruses or hackers that damage your computer and it could steal privet information like, your carded card password and it could be om ads that interested you to click on it.

How to avoid malware?

  • do not click on any ads that show up for you.
  • you could search about the site before clicking on it.
  • ask your friends about the site.
  • go to Google safe browsing diagnostic.
You could copy the link and check it here if it dangerous or not.

What did i learned from internet safety?

  • I can not click on any link that shows for me
  • go to Google safe browsing diagnostic to check if its safe website.
  • Think before I click on any link because it might be a hacker.
  • Do not give my privet information to any web because it might steal it.

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