Break a Leg by, LIliana spencer

In 7th grade I was on the Bloomfield Hills Middle School girls basketball team. It was the first week of practice and we were scrimmaging. We were running up and down the court and turn over after turn over kept happening because we really didn't know how to play.
As i was playing, i ran into all the girls to try and steal the ball but before i could turn around and run out i tripped. I instantly felt a shot of pain through my leg and sat on the ground. My leg was now basically numb and i couldn't feel it. I thought i was okay so i sat off to the side with a bag of ice and just assumed i had hurt it like i always do because i always sprain and twist my ankles.
I sat to the side with ice for the rest of practice, but my ankle just kept getting bigger and bigger and it was starting to hurt more and more. Finally practice was over i hopped over to the car and got in the back seat so i could elevate my ankle. It was getting bigger and bigger and my mom thought we should go to the hospital.
We went to the emergency room where the doctor asked us some basic questions and then we were sent to the waiting room. Where we had to wait for literally 20 hours. Finally the doctor took us into a room and said i need an X-ray. They took the X-ray and I had to move and twist it really weirdly which really hurt and caused it to swell even more. Then they gave me this medicine called tylonel with codeine it was supposed to help the pain.
As the medicine kicked it in made my ankle a little bit better but it made me feel super loopy and drugged. I couldn't understand anyone., and after another long wait the doctor came back with the results from my x-ray. He said i didn't break anything but i just had a really bad sprain.

Here is a picture of my actual foot. The doctor just wrapped it with a splint and gave me crutches and told me to ice a lot. Then I went home. They prescribed me more of the medicine that made me feel loopy and we went to pick it up. By this time it was already 10:00 pm and i was exhausted.

I was trying to go to bed but i couldn't. My leg was still in so much pain and the medicine they gave me made me feel drugged. After a few hours of being in insane pain we went back to the emergency room but this time we went to beaumont which is farther away but is bigger.

When we arrived at the second hospital, they asked me the same basic questions and then made us wait. They gave me this new medicine that was really strong and went through an IV to stop the pain and it helped so much. I was no longer screaming because my leg hurt so bad and i could actually sleep. After an hour or so they took me back to take new X-rays of my leg and ankle. Soon the doctor came back with the results. He said "I'm not sure how the other hospital missed it but you fractured both your tibia and fibula and fractured your growth plate". This means i broke both the bones in my shin and my growth plate which goes into my ankle.

They told me i needed to be put to sleep so they could put the bone back into place and cast it. Later that night they did just that. They took me to this surgery room and put me to sleep. I remember waking up in the middle of the procedure and yelling at the doctors because i did not want a full leg cast. The picture below is what it looked like.

I went home the next morning and I was feeling a lot better. My leg hurt a lot less and know longer felt drugged from the medicine. A week after I went to the hospital back to the doctor and they wrapped the cast in a color to tighten it. I got purple and 6 weeks after they at they took this cast off and gave me a short green one. Not being able to use your entire leg is hard and crutches get annoying. It takes a lot of effort and work to do anything and you need help with everything to. My leg also lost all its muscle and I had to go to physical therapy to help it which made the recovery process even longer. Eventually though my leg completely healed and i started playing sports and doing everything i wanted to again.



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