Whitkirk News! 7th may 2021

A message from Mrs Stout

Hello everyone! Well, it has been a blustery start to May - I am hoping we get a super summer holidays weather wise to make up for this wash out of a Bank Holiday weekend! We have had a bit of a return of coronavirus this week unfortunately so hope all people affected are managing well and making a recovery - we are thinking of you. Please do wear face coverings in our playground if you are medically able to do so and remember HANDS FACE SPACE FRESH AIR.

We have been focusing on PE this week with our staff team and thinking about how to move this area of school forwards - please do try to get out and about with your child (if the weather improves) and let us all keep building on our physical fitness. We are also having a real focus on our school values - we will be concentrating on Trust next week so perhaps you can reinforce this at home as well.

We would just like to remind families that if you are using Lateral Flow Tests home, please do not solely rely on these. If you have symptoms you must get a PCR; if you get a positive LFT (whilst asymptomatic twice weekly testing) you must get a PCR within 2 days. If you leave it longer than two days, the guidance says you act on the LFT result and will have to isolate anyway even if the PCR is negative - because more than 2 days have elapsed. Take care everyone!


We've had some very strong contenders for our attendance award this week! In first place is Y6RM with a phenomenal 99.6%! They are closely followed by Year 5ZI in second place with 99% attendance and Y4CO with 98.7% attendance. Well done everybody!



Meat Free Wednesday

Next week it is national vegetarian week (10th-16th May) and to celebrate we are holding a 'Meet-Free Wednesday' in school. Did you know.... it takes 52 gallons of water, 6 pounds of feed and 74 square feet of land to make a burger! This would be enough energy to power a microwave for 18 minutes! Take a look at next week's menu, we look forward to finding out what you choose!

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


Even though it has been rainy and windy, we have made the most of this week! On Tuesday, the children found a giant cobweb in the classroom with the story 'Arghh Spider'. We were super excited and even thought Spider-Man had left us the story to read! This had inspired us to create our own spider webs using glue and glitter, making mini beast puppets, writing about mini beasts and re-enacting the story. We also discussed who likes spiders and who doesn't. We created a giant pictogram to show this with the most popular in both classes being that the children like them. We have talked about caring for mini beasts and the importance of treating them with respect. In Maths, we have been focusing on addition and using the vocabulary first now and then. We are also getting more confident in recognising and ordering our teen numbers!


It has been a strange week for 1KD, but the children have shown amazing resilience during our week of remote learning. In Maths, we have been looking at fractions, finding a half and a quarter of shapes and amounts. We completed a cross-curricular activity using our knowledge of materials to design and make our own bridges. For our History learning, we located the four capital cities of the UK and discussed famous London landmarks.

The children in Year 1/2 have blown us away this week with their learning about the Great Fire of London. We shared the story ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’ and sequenced the events from the story. The children wrote wonderful sentences using historical narrative as their inspiration. In DT, children have used their knowledge about materials in science to plan and design their bridge. We discussed the structure of bridges and in particular explored how the shape of a triangle gives the structure more strength. We can’t wait to see their bridges - we have a class full of historians and engineers this week!

We have loved learning all about The Great Fire of London this week! We have found it so interesting discovering how such a significant event happened in History! We learnt about how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We have enjoyed sequencing the events and then being detectives and writing a chronological report on what happened.


Have you found yourself with a dragon that you don't know how to look after? Well look no further! Year 3 are here to help! We have written some fantastic instructions this week on how to care for a dragon inspired by our whole class text 'How to Train your Dragon!'. Miss Tomlinson and Miss Baker are so proud! In Science this week, we were investigating the similarities and differences between different leaves, and we loved working scientifically to make observations and sort them according to specific categories. It has been another fantastic week in Year 3 and we can't wait to see what next week will have in store for us.

Year 4 truly are amazing Mathematicians! Whether they have been working remotely or working in school, their resilience when learning new concepts in Maths has really impressed us this week. In our Maths Learning Journey, we have moved from fractions to understanding decimals. Our first step for this has been to understand tenths and hundredths. The children used resources to explore this concept practically and have now moved to solving problems involving them, including investigating how to partition them in different ways. Great work Year 4!


Year 5 are going green this half-term and it won’t be long before our classroom turns into a rainforest! We created our own biomes in a bag using some pebbles, soil, seeds, and some water. Since we won’t need to water these seeds again (as the water will recycle itself naturally) we will be sitting back and carrying out weekly observations to explore the changes overtime. Then in Science, we learned about the process of pollination and became very meticulous when it was time to dissect some very pretty lilies to identify both male and female parts-it smelt like heaven! Not long before for a very special treat to help complete our class rainforests- they're small, they crawl and some have more legs than the teachers!

What a week in Year 6! This week our learning has been focused on flashbacks and telling anecdotes. We have learned all about the past tense and reminded ourselves of The Piano that we fell in love with last year. We took our learning to the next level though by telling our own flashbacks; we had some truly hilarious situations and we I'm sure we turned a few heads in the corridors as the belly laughs travelled through the school! Our maths learning this week has been about angles - not angels as we all learned! We learned all about turns in a full rotation and learned how to calculate angles on a straight line. We became wizards by the end of the week - bring on next week!

Our stars of the week!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody- take care!

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