Looking at credit/loans By: Kinley and Katelyn

Activity 1

Just because the number in your salary looks big doesn't mean you will be receiving that money. It can taxed and you might not get benefits that other jobs with a smaller salary get. You have to factor in taxes and benefits when choosing a career.

Activity 2

Depending on your credit history you need certain loans when buying a house or car.

Activity 3

It takes 60 months to pay off the loan.

By paying an extra $100 a month it takes only 42 months to pay it off.

Activity 4

We looked at how time affects the amount of money. Different savings accounts will affect how your money grows.

Activity 5

We looked at how much your payment would be on your house loan in the next 30 years. We determined whether the mortgage and the interest rate would be worth to pay

Activity 6

We came together and looked at how much was needed to be saved so that we could have a reasonable or desired amount of money saved for retirement. Also, what steps should be taken to attain a large income for our savings.

Activity 8

On a citi simplicity card the APR is 0% for the first 21 months then after your interest rate goes up to about 15%


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