April News from Bread and Water for Africa® Medical Supplies Arrive in Sierra Leone, Thousands of Books to Uganda, and more!

We at Bread and Water for Africa® have a lot to be thankful for this month. First and foremost, we are thankful to our supporters. Without them, none of the support we provide to our partners throughout Africa would be possible.

This month, we are particularly thankful for Margaret Makambira, who is working tirelessly to assist her fellow Zimbabweans left homeless by Cyclone Idai which struck her country last month. We are thankful for Bega kwa Bega in Uganda which will be distributing thousands of books to schools in the most rural regions of the country and enabling tens of thousands of students to expand their minds. And we are thankful to Rev. Frances Mambu who will be putting the medicines and medical supplies we recently shipped to Sierra Leone for use in the clinics to good use.

Bread and Water for Africa® Partner Assists Zimbabweans Left Homeless by Cyclone Idai

A month ago, Cyclone Idai, one of the most devastating storms to hit Africa in decades, according to The Atlantic, struck Zimbabwe and Mozambique, damaging or destroying thousands of homes and buildings in its wake.

The tropical storm then moved inland bringing heavy rain, flooding and death while thousands remained stranded in rural areas hungry, thirsty and homeless.

Our longtime partner in Mutare, Zimbabwe, Shinga Development Trust and its founder and director, Margaret Makambira, asked for help for her fellow Zimbabweans.

We could not turn her down.

Thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® we were able to provide Margaret with thousands of dollars in emergency grant funding for her to use as she saw fit. This included bottled water for the thirsty, emergency food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless. We knew she would not let one cent be wasted.

Many Zimbabweans lost everything they owned. Worse were those who received confirmation of the deaths of their loved ones, and the fates of those who have been missing for weeks may never be known.

We can take some solace in the fact that we know Margaret is there, and thanks to our supporters, she has the resources to help those most in need.

Thousands of Books to Expand Minds of Tens of Thousands Ugandan Students

Earlier this year, we were able to ship a 40-foot container (approximately 22,000 books) to Kampala, Uganda, where they were distributed by our partner there, Bega kwa Bega to dozens of schools.

Those textbooks and reference books will be used to educate tens of thousands of children and youth in a country where going to school is a privilege that most parents, who being uneducated themselves, cannot afford.

The students who attend these schools fully understand how fortunate they are to be in school and savor every moment in the knowledge that without knowing how to read and write they have little hope for anything more than a subsistence way of life ahead.

These books will be treasured by these children who will first use them to learn simply how to read, and later to expand their vocabulary, and ultimately their mind.

Medical Supplies Arrive in Sierra Leone to Provide Aid to Country’s Most Vulnerable

In Sierra Leone, our partner, Faith Healing Development Organization, recently received our shipment of medicines, medical supplies and equipment to be distributed at its clinics in Rokel, Kenema and Bunumbu village in the Kailahun District. We know they will be put to good use.

“The goal of the clinics is to provide affordable health services to the people in the communities where the clinics operate as most people cannot afford the basics of life,” says FHDO founder and executive director Rev. Frances Mambu.

“The medical equipment and supplies improved the operations of the various clinics. Medical equipment is very expensive, and hence the donation was a big relief for us.”

Access to healthcare in developing countries is a challenge, noted Rev. Mambu, adding “with Sierra Leone being no exception.”

FHDO clinics focus their limited resources on the most vulnerable; pregnant women, new mothers and children under five years old. While the need is great and will always be there “we have made considerable effort with support from Bread and Water for Africa®,” says Rev. Mambu.

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