First Sunday in Lent MArch 5, 2017

Gospel-Matthew 4:1-11 ¨Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered to them.¨

This gospel tells the story of Jesus' time in the desert. During this time, Jesus was being tempted by Satan relentlessly, but Jesus remained strong, and kept loyal to God and refused the temptations.

The theme of the readings here is temptation.

Something new that I learned from these readings is Jesus' strength. He was human, not divine. He was hungry and down just like we can be. Jesus set an example for us, that when we are down and hungry, that we should rely on God. He will provide for us and fill us up.

If I reflected on this at mass, I would tell the students that temptation is a hard thing to deal with. Everyone deals with it on a daily basis, but we have to be strong. Sometimes it is really hard, but with God, we can do anything. He will always help us, and that includes helping us to have fortitude and strength against adversity and temptation.

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