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People can adapt to living in a desert in many ways. One way people adapt is by living near an oasis so that they don’t have to worry about where to get water. An oasis is a pool of fresh water in the desert. Most oases have date palms growing around them. These date palms make it possible for people to live in the desert. People that live near an oasis eat the dates, build with the trunk and leaves, and burn the pits to use as fuel. People also grow cash crops at an oasis, like wheat or barley. They can trade these crops with nomads for things they don’t have, like meat, milk, and cheese. In the Sahel, there are not many oases, so people use a farming system called shifting agriculture to grow crops. Shifting agriculture is when a farmer plants crops in one place for a year. When the growing season is over, he harvests the crops. The next year, the farmer moves the crops to another field - he shifts the agriculture. This helps to keep the ground healthy, and not wear it out so fast by using one crop that takes minerals away from the soil. People also move their grazing herds this way so the grass won’t run out as fast. There are lots of ways to adapt to living in a desert region. Although living in the desert provides challenges, people who live there have figured out ways to adapt and to make their lives better.
The euro is the national currency in the EU.

Many forces work for supranational cooperation. One of the forces that works for supranational cooperation is the common market. The common market works for supranational cooperation by giving every country a common money system - the euro - and by lowering tariffs, or taxes, on trades. Another force that works for supranational cooperation is the EU government. The government brings members together to discuss issues that the entire EU shares, like environmental problems. It encourages EU citizens to think of themselves as members of Europe, which promotes a feeling of unity. These centripetal forces work for supranational cooperation.

The most effective form of government is representative democracy because citizens elect representatives to vote for them. This system makes it the most efficient form of government because the representatives pass laws and make decisions faster than if every citizen had to take the time and vote on everything themselves, which is what a direct democracy is. The representatives know how to make good decisions about the country, and most citizens may not. Something else that makes representative democracy more effective is that it is equal. In an autocracy, there is only one person in charge, and they can easily gain control of the whole country. In many autocracies, there isn't even a constitution. In a representative democracy, people serve together, and the separation of power makes sure they all have an equal say in the decisions that have to be made. Because representatives in a democracy must be voted in, they have to listen to what the people want, ensuring that their voices are heard.
Being a citizen means that you are legally recognized member of a community. A good citizen knows any and all rights and responsibilities that are important to know to be accepted in society. Citizens of any community have many rights, such as voting and running for political office, having freedom of speech, and having the right to a trial by jury. There are also many responsibilities that citizens have. Some of these include obeying the local and state laws, obeying authority, such as police officers or people in charge of the community. Good citizens follow all of the rules of their city, state, or country, and they exercise lots of rights that give them more freedom. They help make the place they live in better.
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