addio degustazione di vini 15 gennaio XVI

Many an evening has been spent with the Rollins. Twice that amount has been spent enjoying bottles of wine of many vintages. On this evening a special gathering to celebrate a friendship and to bid me goodbye for my brief trip to the West Coast.

Michael has a well developed taste and cellar to match.

A selection of meats and cheeses with always a good bread makes the meal. I enjoy shopping with Michael, which I do two or three times a week now, watching him select the food and the wine that make up these gatherings.

formaggio, pane, olive e peperoncino

I eat perhaps too much bread given my sugar situation. I love different kinds because of the crust and the dough; must be a French thing. A nice peppered pâté is always nice too.

Pepper and olive oil. Brought further by the wine.
Sure, good food and ingredients make the meal. So do nicely designed utensils.

The food and wine is only as good as the company. A lot of laughter. A little bickering and argument. Well that's an evening together.

Marilyn Mostest Hostest

le Maître de la Maison

Michael My Best Friend

Keep the light on, I'll return soon.

A leisurely repast is illuminated with the most subtle if not miraculous light.

Next time, my turn. An evening of wine and tapàs.

evviva ai miei amici
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