Live Streaming 2.0 Multi-Tasking For EVERYONE

We live surrounded by water. Yet most people here don’t take it for granted. They know their livlihood, their health, their very way of life depend on protecting and preserving our environment—especially our water resources.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a nascent movement determined to save precious water simply by changing long-standing habits. The “Go With The Flow” campaign, begun by British university students, basically calls for everyone to "pee in the shower in the morning, instead of flushing."

Cool. Saving precious water resources by live streaming. Who knew?

I know what you’re thinking. Who doesn’t? We just don’t go around bragging about it. Or maybe you’re wondering, don’t these people have anything better to do? (My first reaction was do college students even take showers?)

But let’s not be judgmental. We may be witnessing the beginnings of a worldwide revolution. The trickle could grow into a flood. At least in those parts of the world where people actually have showers—not to mention running water. Governments might even mandate it. Unenforceable? Yeah, but when did that ever stop politicians? Think Prohibition.

Could this scheme work? New toilets in the U.S. consume about 1.6 gallons of fresh water with each flush. A daily shower-pee would save over 584 gallons of water each year. Older toilets use from 3 to 7 gallons per flush, potentially saving up to 2,500 gallons a year. And that’s just you. If everybody joined this movement, the thinking goes, the water savings would constitute a veritable Niagara.

Or maybe not.

These stand-up crusaders assume that you will multi-task while taking your shower. No dawdling in there. Since the average shower consumes anywhere from 2 to 5 gallons per minute, taking as little as 48 seconds longer to do your part will send the promised water savings down the drain; You’ll be wasting water.

And whatever you do please don’t make the mistake of showering every time you pee. With nature calling 6 to 8 times a day for the average adult—probably even more for college students—the consequences would be catastrophic.

If I were a betting man I’d give “Go With The Flow” zero chance of succeeding. Dead in the water, so to speak.

Besides, there are surer ways to save water when nature calls. Tried and proven methods. Like the one pilots of small aircraft rely on.

Pickle jar, large, deli-type, empty—with a cover. And cool it on the acrobatics.



P.S. Next week: Composting Toilets, Reviewed. (Just kidding.)

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