Pirate Pages April 19, 2019

Men's College Basketball Championship

Charlestown,IN~ By: Tate Adams & Josh Andrews-Sports reporters

Over the past couple weeks, 64 teams battled in the 80th NCAA March Madness single elimination tournament to compete for a National Championship in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On Monday, April 8th, the Texas Tech Red Raiders battled the Virginia Cavaliers in what was an exciting and a thrilling game that would result in a Virginia Cavaliers 85-77 win in Overtime to what considered the best defensive team in Texas Tech.

After losing in the first round of last year’s tournament to 16 seeded UMBC, Virginia’s championship was one of the greatest turnaround titles in sports history. Many people doubted Virginia at the beginning, but 11.9% of brackets still picked them to bring home the title. Later that night, Virginia Guard Kyle Guy was named Final Four MVP. Virginia to go through 16 seed Gardner webb then faced a tough a tough battle with the Oklahoma Sooners which then led to a game with the Oregon Ducks in the Sweet Sixteen. In the elite eight they had a thrilling Overtime game with the Purdue Boilermakers which later led to another Virginia win. In the Final Four Virginia had to play the Auburn Tigers that was a big controversial win. Finally with the National Championship like we said they played the Texas Tech Red Raiders that would result in them Winning a National Championship for the first time ever.

3rd seeded Texas Tech, coached by Chris Beard, was a surprise team in the tournament. The Red Raiders had the best defense of any tournament team by far, averaging 5 blocks and 8 steals per game. They looked unstoppable throughout the tournament, easily cruising past Northern Kentucky, Buffalo, Michigan, Gonzaga, and Michigan State to reach the title game. The Red Raiders kept it tight throughout the game, but found themselves behind after allowing an 11-0 Virginia run in overtime that would eventually allow Virginia to run out the clock and win the National Championship.

Overall, the tournament was very exciting in the final couple rounds, and there were several teams who could’ve taken home the title. Ultimately, Virginia prevailed. Many people were upset about this, but that’s to be expected. That’s a wrap for March Madness 2019!

Women's College Basketball Tournament

By: Kennedy Coleman and Anna Almeciga

The women’s college basketball final four ended up with Oregon, Baylor, Uconn, and Notre Dame. In the semi finals Baylor and Oregon went at it, and Baylor came out with the win of 72-67. On the other side Notre Dame and Uconn came out with a score of 81- 76, Notre Dame for the win.

On April 7th, Baylor and Notre Dame played hard the whole game. With 1.6 seconds left, the score was 82-81. Baylor was up and Notre Dame’s player , Arike Ogunbowale, at the free throw line, missing the first which would have tied the game and making the second. Baylor with the ball and the clock running out. BAYLOR FOR THE WIN!!!!


By: Dawson Boyd and Jackson Snelling

The Baseball season for the middle school team is off to a decent start with a 1-1 record. They have played New Albany with a huge 22-6 win, and they also played Providence with a 10-9 defeat. This week they are scheduled to play HHMS twice, on Wednesday and Friday. They hope to win both games to come out to a great start to the season. We will have an update after they play both games this week.

Staff Spotlight Mrs.Watson

By:Matthew Orr and Josh Nelson

Mrs.Watson is the Librarian at CMS and has been for a total of six years now. Before Mrs.Watson could become a librarian she had to go to college, she attended Indiana University Southern which is located in New Albany Indiana. We asked Mrs.Watson what was her favorite subject during school and she told us, “when I was in school Music was my favorite subject to learn about¨. Josh and I also asked Mrs.Watson if any teachers influenced her to become a teacher and she told us, ¨my high school choir teacher influenced me to pursue the art of teaching¨. Finally, we asked Mrs.Watson the hardest question you could ask a librarian, what is her favorite book? She had to think hard but she told us, “this is a hard one but probably ‘Copper Sun’ because is was my first book that I ever read from a slave's perspective.¨

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