Liftware Steady electronic spoon designed to help people with hand tremors to eat

In 2013, Liftware Steady was introduced. Liftware has a computerized handle, with basic utensil attachments, that contains sensors programmed to detect hand motion and stabilize unwanted tremors from the intended movement of the hand. This type of stabilization technology was designed help people living with tremors, and enable them to focus on their meal. The company's newest product, The Liftware Level is a self-leveling handle which contains sensors that detect changes from the intended movement of the hand.

In 2014, Google X bought Lift Labs, the maker of Liftware.

This technology helps people with tremors and limited hand movement retain dignity, confidence, and independence when eating, according to Liftware.

According to NBC, although this won't cure the tremor, it makes a positive impact on the user's life

Eating a bowl of cereal may seem simple to most of us, but for people suffering from Parkinson's disease it is near impossible. According to NPR, there are 1 million Americans who struggle with the tremors of Parkinson's disease and as many as 10 million Americans who have a disorder called essential tremor — sometimes mistaken for Parkinson's — which, when severe, also can make eating a struggle.

Overall, this technology positively impacts those with hand tremors and helps them regain confidence when eating. This technology can lead to more related technologies to ease people's frustrations and struggles with their tremors.


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