MaD Week: Vietnam 2016 By Benjamin Clark

This year I went to Vietnam for MaD week and I learnt and experienced many things which I never thought I would. Our group travelled around Vietnam going to places like water falls, temples, beaches and many more. It's a once in a lifetime adventure and I wish I could could go back to live it again.

Carrying Sand to the Village

The main reason why we went was to build a kitchen for a local primary school which required a lot of effort and perseverance. One of the biggest skills that were utilised was teamwork as we had to carry heavy loads with very limited tools and resources so we really had to co-ordinate. The Scariest part of the process was that we had to carry the materials over a Broken bridge which had little support and holes in it. To overcome the problems of carrying these materials over the rickety bridge we had to make full use of three carts we had, we would do trip after trip until we couldn't work anymore.

The best parts about the trip were after a long day of work we would have a cold drink and go the waterfall which was freezing but super refreshing. It was really fun staying in dorms with friends and I wish I could do this M.A.D week with my friends again.

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