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1- What is sport?

2- Why is important to practise sport?

3- How much time do you have to do sport daily to be healthy?

4- Questions to the public

5- Curiosities about sport

6- Conclusion

What is the sport?

It's a game or competitive activity usually envolving physical exertion

Why is important to practise sport?

1- Healthy weight.

2- Reduce risk illness

3- improves academy life

4- improves sleep

5- Flexible

6- Feel better

1-To have a healthy weight

2-Reduce the risk of having cardiac diseases

3- Improves your academic life

4- Improves sleep

5- It makes you more flexible

6- It makes you feel better

4 best sports for a healthy life

1- Running

2- swimming

3- Basketball

4- cycling

How much time do you have to do sport daily to have a healthy life?

Half an hour on the day of exercise is enough to have a healthy life and we can be increasing the times according to our physical condition

About you

3 curiosities about sport

1- drink milk

2- when does the fats start to burn

3- best moment to do exercise


To do exercise is important because it prevents health problems, it makes you more resistant, gives you more energy, helps you to reduce stress and also helps to have a healthy weight.


The importance of doing exercise


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