Illustrated timeline mariah

Germany invades Poland-1939:

On Sep 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland from land and air. Hitler seeked to gain lost territory and rule Poland.

The Battle of Britain- July 10, 1940:

Was a fight in WWII when the Royal air force defended the UK from German air force attacks.

Japanese Attacks Pearl Harbor- December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor was a surprise military attack led by the Japanese Navy Air Service against the U.S naval base at Pearl Harbor which was on Hawaii territory. The attack on Pearl Harbor led to U.S entry in WWII.

Battle of Midway- June 3, 1942 to June 7, 1942

Was a naval battle that happened 6 months after Pearl Harbor. U.S defeated Japan in this battle, inflicting permanent damage on Japan.

Battle of Stalingrad- Feb 2, 1948

Major battle in which Nazi Germany & its allies fought Russia for control of the city of Stalingrad.

D-Day / Invasion of Normandy- June 6, 1944

Allied troops landed on a French coastline to fight Nazi Germany

Battle of the Bulge- Dec 16, 1944 - Jan 25, 1945

Was the last Germany offensive campaign of WWII

Holocaust- Jan 30, 1933 - May 8, 1945

Genocide in which Adolf Hitler killed about 6 million Jews.


Created with images by Vasnic64 - "Anonyme WW2 Europe - Soldat de la Wehrmacht dit "Schutze" en marche forcée - juin 1939"

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