Africa ABC List ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Africa, the second largest continent in the world,was once part of the super continent called Pangea

Bambara,a tribe in Africa,were the largest and most dominant group in the Mali Empire.They were Mandé Racial group

Cocoa is grown in the Ghanna empire and as you may know already is used to make chocolate

Dogon , cliff-dwelling people who lived in southeastern Mali were best known for their extensive carving of masks and wooden figurative art.The primary colors used by the Dogon are usually red, black, and white

Ethiopian Highlands is one of Africa's largest native animal population.It's the largest continues area of its altitude in the continent

Fulani is the largest nomadic group in the World and they established numerous trade routes in West Africa.

Ghana Empire was one of the richest empire in Africa.It Grew rich by trade.


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